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Electronic Commerce, Inc, is a leading consulting and service provider specializing in the strategic and tactical implementation of business transactions into our clients' financial systems. We have the business and technical experience experience to help you achieve a successful implementation.

Founded in the heart of Silicon Valley in 1993, ECI has consulted on a variety of Data Integration Implementations for Fortune 100 companies to small private enterprises. Frequently, these projects are global in scope, require coordination with global teams, implimenting multiple standards, and encompass the implementation of variety of business processes and EDI/XML standards across multiple platforms.

We offer cloud computing software solutions and techniques to ensure minimal data losses while integrating in the cloud.

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News & Updates
* March 2, 2011 Liaison announces new EDI Notepad Version 7.0. .

* August 18, 2010 Liaison announces purchase of Softshare. .

* May 5th, 2009 at Oracle Collaborate in Orlando Florida, Susan Stecklair, President, presented her paper on the 7 Secrets of an Oracle Data Integration Project with information about SOA & BPEL .

* May 3, 2009 Susan Stecklair, President was a panelist on the OAUG EBIZ SIG for the Oracle Users Group

* Aug. 3rd, 2007 Electronic Commerce, Inc., has partnered with e-SupplyLink of Michigan to sell order fulfillment products.